Annual Report



Trading to 31 October 2016 has shown another successful year for the port.  The increase to quotas effective from the beginning of the 2016 has resulted in a welcome increase to whitefish dues to the harbour. Quotas have been increased again for 2017, another encouraging development which will hopefully see this trend continue.   The UK’s withdrawal from the European Union will result in the Port facing a number of unknowns going forward with any impact likely to become apparent within the next financial year.  This being allied with a reduction in the local pelagic fleet which will affect berthing incomes within the port.


The 2016 revenues have improved overall with increases across all harbour income streams. The main increases are attributed to whitefish and pelagic dues. It is expected that commercial dues, berthing and pilotage will show improvement in the coming year due to the appointment of our new Harbour Master, Thomas Boyle who has extensive knowledge and experience in this sector with the available capacity within the port offering opportunities to attract new business.


The electricity project has been completed and has improved the harbours ability to provide additional shore power connections to all sectors including the pelagic fleet. There has been a limited increase in uptake of the service over the year, with signs of this improving for the coming year, this being dictated by anticipated fuel cost increases.


Digitalisation of the port continues with the electronic auction at the forefront of this. 


The Harbour Commissioner targets for the coming period remain the same as the previous period with the finalisation of the five year plan expected early in the new financial year.  Talks continue to progress with the offshore renewable industry with a hope of bringing much needed diversity to the port and town and additional income to the Commissioners to offset the reduction in income from the contracted pelagic fleet.


The Commissioners of the port are committed to ensuring the harbour plays a significant role in the future of the fishing industry, offshore renewables and the towns local economy


Mr Peter Bruce