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Michael Murray was appointed Convenor of the Harbour Commissioners for 2018 at the Statutory meeting held on the 12th January 2018 stating he would give commitment to the Harbour to continue the excellent development of the Port over the years. Mr Murray recognises and relishes the challenges facing the Port of Fraserburgh over the next few years particularly in respect of the fishing industry but emphasised the importance of continued Harbour development to the town of Fraserburgh and surrounding district. The Harbour at Fraserburgh is the focal point of the economy of the Town with £45 million in real terms being spent in modernising the Port over the last 25 years with the Board being committed to further capital expenditure to keep Fraserburgh as a fishing port primarily, however recognising the importance of developing opportunities for diversification of business in the Port with possibly renewables being introduced alongside the established areas of ship repair and commercial traffic, etc. all in the interests of all Harbour users and the economy of Fraserburgh.

The Convenor endorses the quality of facilities and services available in Fraserburgh and in commending these to you, is confident that you will not be disappointed.

Michael Murray