The Market

Sale times for the fish auction are Monday to Friday commencing at 0730 hours. Vessels intending to land during the week must report in by 0730 hours and land at the market before 0900 hours. Second sales can be arranged depending on demand. All vessels intending to land or consign fish to the market must indicate their intention by logging their landing details to the designated website by 1500 hours on the day prior to discharge. Vessels who fail to comply with this basic requirement will have to wait for the following day’s auction.

The Market Superintendent regularly updates the market landings for each day, this information can be accessed telephoning the fish market direct line 01346 511702 to hear the recorded message. This information may be particularly useful for buyers and local processors.

Should any company be interested in purchasing fish at Fraserburgh Fishmarket please contact Fraserburgh Fishsalesmens Association on 01346 514545 who can provide further information.