Annual Report


Trading to October 2019 has proven to be another successful year for the port. With the UKs withdrawal from Europe all but confirmed, we will hopefully have a better understanding of the opportunities that this may provide.

The Commissioners have invested significant funds in the infrastructure of the port to ensure we can continue with the high level of services provided to our customers. The shiplift has been refurbished allowing it to remain an integral part of the harbour’s future. The dry dock remains one of our prized assets allowing us to meet the demands of the fishing, oil and gas industries

Further investment has been made supplying electricity points to additional quays allowing us to improve facilities for the fishing fleet while furthering the harbours green initiatives.

The masterplan has now been completed allowing the board to share its vision for our future development. As we progress through 2020 we hope to build on the work from 2019 and begin stage two and beyond. As well as looking to the future the port is committed to its present core businesses, supporting the fishing industry and its growing needs.

Moray East offshore are now firmly established in Fraserburgh, with the foundations for the new operation and maintenance building now under construction. We look forward to the completion of the building in 2020. This underlines the Boards ambition to bring new strategic partners to the Town, not only improving the offering at the port but the benefits this can bring to the surrounding area.

Mr Michael Murray